Saul Amore: A Modern Day Massacre

by Mane Rok

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"Saul Amore" is a take on different forms of love…but definitely not "Love" songs. Featuring Scarub (Living Legends,) Qwazzar (Typical Cats/Galapagos 4,) Zome (Diamond Boiz,) & introducing Benjamin Butters, the seductively smooth flow of the EP glides in and out of your ear canals so you do it repeatedly.


released February 14, 2012

1.Addicted Ft. Benjamin Butters
Written by S.Baron (ASCAP) & B. Butters

2.Get Mine Ft. Zome
Written by S.Baron (ASCAP) & J.Romero

3.Here I Am Ft. Scarub
Written by S.Baron (ASCAP) & Scarub

4.Happy Ending Ft. Qwazzar
Written by S.Baron (ASCAP) & Qwazzar

Album Produced By Mr. Bostic (A.Bostic ASCAP)
Recorded & Mixed by Es Nine at House Of Waxx Studios
Mastered By Steve Sundberg FTM Studios
Cover Photo by Enrique Parrilla



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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Track Name: Addicted (feat. Benjamin Butters)
Addicted, Addicted, She's my, She's my sickness (x2)
So ill, I never ever ever thought, I'd love me my mistress

Can't help myself, always her victim
Hope for mercy wrongly convicted
KNowing that, longing to risk it
Been told it's in vein, strongly commited
To it's highest degree, try and compete
With that fire inside, lies in the street
Paint her as less than a picture of perfection
Frame of mind aint right, give it a second
Come to-focus-can see the door
Should head home to fam but, fiend for more
That feeling of extacy a deadly recipe
1/8 religious experience let's me speak
To God on my own terms call it fine print
Gotta sniff between the lines just to find it
Devils in her details but don't define shit
Call me a "bass" head but, first rewind this


Beautiful tragedy is all she ever had for me
Each day yearning, these vein burning
She took my soul, won't let it go
Took my soul, wont let it go
No No No Took my soul

Track Name: Get Mine (feat. Zome)
(Vrs1-Mane Rok)
A common misconception like Drake's mistake
A rookie card to be pulled, ashamed to say
I've been dealt that hand before of course ignored what I was told//
A king of hearts with life on hold, thinking hard on if I should fold//
Under pressure & scrutiny, question my commitment//
If I didn't love it would I have done it the way I did it?
Been through ups & downs, good & bad, for better or worse//
A vow that won't be broken even when I rest in the earth//

Dust to dirt is what it is, dawg I'm 'bout my biz//
With out a hint of greed 'cause Diamond Boiz is for the kids/
& I'm still ridding of you haters hating lately as the greatest//
Must accept it, don't reject it make the best of complications//
So I'm flipping all my cards every time I get a chance//
It's Diamond flush & just a rush it's not enough to give a damn//
Turn 10 into 12, 12 into a 48//
The switches on the board is what I use to push weight

On my hustle
On my grind
I work hard everyday the purpose is me and mine
So don't say it's for the love if you aint giving up a dime
'Cause fo sho! *It's yours!*

(Vrs 3 - Zome)
I'm on some pennies for my thoughts 'cause they're not paying for a rhyme//
I don't interpret through the serpent love is purpose of my shine//
It is a crime 'cause I'm an ass, hustle grinding for my cash//
These bastards asking me to smash but they can't offer nothing back//
Not an act it's just the music, on the tracks it's how you do it//
Can't stay sober at the show, the spot light they just abuse it//
It's a trip, I guess they really don't get it//
Act a fool like they don't know and still don't give the homie credit//

(Vrs4-Mane Rok)
Everything comes at a cost though, charge it to the game//
Martyrs slained paid a price so you don't march into the flames//
What would you do for love? For me, words hardly can explain//
That part of my heart in pain scarred time and again//
'Cause I know my works value plus my son's gotta eat//
So how aint it for love 'cause it aint done on the cheap
Can afford to demand a return on my investment//
Handling biz for my families best interest


Hustle to survive
I'm on my grind
Put in work
Track Name: Here I Am (feat. Scarub)
(Vrs 1)
Sick of seeing fools getting gassed up so I gas up//
Hit highways, blaze trails, do work - mack truck//
Semi-sweet, it's all just a hit and run//
In-N-Out, animal style, how I get 'er done//
Leave 'em screaming my name like they need it in, in vain//
Still withdraw from their city even when fiending for Mane//
Rok that dope. Stay pushing potent product//
From mountain tops that hot flow-Molten lava//
Burn down stages, build up foundations//
Fan base's faces found in face book pages//
Face to face now on a first name basis//
Chapters of my life, foot notes from the matrix//
Run against time, Mos def, a traveling man//
Wanna see every piece of the globe, grasped in my hands//
A proactive approach, cashing in cans//
Hungry as hell but stay fed, no flash in the pan

(Vrs 2-Scarub)
Forever just in time to leave, say my peace and split//
Like a fork in the road I eat and run in sprints//
Time is money most the time I have already spent//
I'm globetrotting on a paper trail I chase and squint//
Far as I can see, & I can see there's more to get//
Money don't make the man, but man I need a grip//
For room & board & traveling expenses 'cause life's a trip//
We the people make the world go 'round, no counterfit//
Stress keep me up like bed side mysteries/
Dreaming is a luxury for children, years is bent for me//
Long time coming more to go far as I can see//
Wide awake late staying up like apostrophes//
On point, I try angles like isosceles//
Pyramid schemes, scams for green aint for me//
Meditating manifesting where I gots to be//
World wide life long touring, constantly

Hitting city to city like a horny trucker
I'm everywhere you've never been and better than I've ever been
I tell you my plan
We on award tour...
Track Name: Happy Ending (feat. Qwazaar)
(Vrs 1-Mane Rok)
Once upon a rhyme in a land closer than imagined//
A dreamer dreamed a little dream and hoped for what he fathomed//
Would be that life style of rolling stone, he could hold his own//
Next to the best not impressed with their mess so he bet that he could show the throne//
Flaws in so-called pro's prose, called their skills a no-show//
His mind frame pictured parties partly opportunities "camera noise"//
Only saw a snap shot, that got his attention//
Hoe's, dough and dodo, blast off to dimensions//
Far Far away, had him chasing epic tales//
Smashing sleeping beauties, waiting to exhale//
Gassed up by his homies expectations left him fuming//
Blew his house of cards down, caught vapors when pursuing//
White rabbits down black holes, ran into some assholes//
You know the time, shit hit the fan in his face-That's cold/
Facts show it's just another brother's grimm story/
Stranger than fiction, another quick warning//

What happened to that happy ending?

(Vrs 2-Qwazaar)
The bottom of the hell hole, we spot a chosen few//
Surrounded by them devils, now what they gonna do//
That pot be hotter than the kettle, so so dem ...their vessel
So so come nobody knew//
Looking up, we see pieces from the sky falling down//
See them tumble to the ground but none of them hear the sound//
They worry, yes they do worry to celebrate the now//
Ironic yes it's ironic to mask it with a smile//
Pimp the word or buy the vowel, get the island of your choosing//
Aim is strong you can't go wrong as long as unit's moving//
As long as you aint losing, ok to look away ignoring all the problems of the day//
Now peep the newest truest macadamia blood horns//
They chilling in their noose bullet proof during snow storms//
Funny how quick the switch up in the blink to pour the bleach up in the sink and wash their hands of all the stink and be so gone...