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released January 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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Track Name: (Reach)Sunrise Ft. Sarah Golay
(Intro Bridge)
I try I fight, but no one understands my plight//
But still with the sun I rise//
I rise//
with the sun I rise//
I rise//

Reach another day, see another way//
I know, because I'm here right now// (x2)

Light shines brightest when surrounded by darkness//
Follow that path, past all of these hardships//
Living in the present is really what's our gift//
We say cliches to feel we on target//
Self justified, what's a lie when it's your own truth??
Billions around, no one knows what you're going through//
The least of your worries, life releases her fury//
With no remorse of course, no need for a jury//
Composited of actions, equally opposites//
Energy reflects as an answer to what the problem is//
Questioning if you got what it may take//
That fix found finally that moment of day break//

(Chorus x3)

Sun rises, surprises found around each turn//
Lessons In Free Expression is how we learn//
Failure's not an option, but part of the process//
Progress measured by what's scarring our conscience//
Leaving a mark, deceiving our hearts//
Breath in - Breath out- see, only believing a part//
Of the whole truth is so useless, loose grip//
On reality but tomorrow we'll say we knew this//

(Chorus x2)

Track Name: GMA-Commercial
Track Name: Good Morning America
Good Morning America

At the crack of dawn in Babylon acting wrong, how we do//
American gueys who's arrogant ways tell each to//
Live for yourself first, forgive me for this outburst//
Implode at the thought that speaking truth will get your mouth hurt//
Freedom of speech, the freedom to think//
Free's dumb in capitalist society where you're seen as a freak//
Frequently infringed upon out freezing your feet//
It's a cold world when you're out seeking some peace//

This all part of that dream??
Good Morning American

This how we want to be seen??
Good Morning America

Aint we apart of a team??
Good Morning America//

Shit just aint what it seems//
Good Morning

We blindly love justice while fucking Lady Liberty//
Then wonder why neither's loyal, wallowing in misery//
Sickening, killing ourselves-so suicidal//
Popping pills for pain that remains, strange this new revival//
Of old ways, trying to find magic of those days//
Nosetalgia has us sniffing between lines for what's OK//
No shame, riding white horses like we're OJ//
Strap the gloves on, time to pull a Kaiser Soze//
Usual suspects, stay tuned to what comes next//
With hands in world problems, middle finger's like 'Fuck This!!'
Aint my issue, fate will get you, karma's a vengeful bitch//
Returns it ten fold, we're far from pretending kids//
Driven by our selfishness, acting like we're helpless twits//
Helping ourselves and no one else to see how deep hell can get//
Lake of Flames fueled and filled by an oil spill//
Drilled in to our heads that Patriots will act loyal still//
Track Name: Enjoy The Show
Ladies and Gentlemen, hope you're enjoying the show//
Watching my life flash before your eyes avoiding your own//
Peanut gallery popping corn, sipping on tea//
That's none of my business though, y'all sick and look green//

We all wanna believe in Leave It To Beaver to Seavers//
Being like Ceasar, truth told control deceives us//
Jesus, sipping some Seagrams dealing with seizures//
Shook to our core, stir crazy, maybe we'll see this//
Answer in an infomercial, infectious truth//
Cancerous reality TV side effects include//
An escape from reality, why I'm betting you//
Don't make a better you but that next excuse//
Cornered in by your screen, call that an "idiot box"//
Dumb smart phones got a grip on your thoughts, no switching it off//
Lost in pixelations, Zero's and One's//
RGB contrast the difference between High, Deaf and Dumb//
Some believe anything, y'all aint hearing me though//
Conspiracy theorist thirsting to prove their theory is gold//
Beautiful truth's misunderstood, like what Cyrano spoke//
Focusing elsewhere got your life not appearing so broke//

Ladies and Gentlemen, hope you're enjoying the show//
Watching my life flash before your eyes avoiding your own//
Peanut gallery popping corn, sipping on tea//
That's none of my business though, y'all sick and look green//

I get it you're invested in the characters and story line//
But God forbid this be your life that'd leave you mortified//
'No not me, wouldn't put my drama on Facebook'//
'Judge lest ye be judged', what a strange look??
Who could've said that, same God you laud with praises??
When you got your gaudy shit, screaming "I'm on my Gotti shit!!"
Tuned in to TMZ, faces afraid to face this//
Real world accomplishments overshadows our consciousness//
Opinionated assholes, everybody is one//
It's ludicrous, the way each and everyone's spewing shit//
Half stories and no truth, that's sorry, you're so cute//
Cluelessness breeds the very ignorance that ruins this//
Fairy tale ending, here's the tall and short of it//
World wide webs of lies are what's orbiting//
Get caught up by the gravitational pull is cool//
If you can admit you're part of a gene pool of fools//
Track Name: Wonder Years
Sometimes caught up in asking//
Think back on all those years//
What could've really happened//
Right here??

I'm just another savage afraid, looking for a Winnie//
Pookie fiending for more to score, Lord forgive me//
I know not what I do, I'm at a bit of a loss//
Wheel of fortune spun out of control, now given that cost//
it's a Different World than what's on the Cosby Show//
Differnt Strokes for different folks, probably so//
That's The Facts of Life, usually in Jeopardy//
'What is time's subject to change' constantly stressing me//
Just need peace to be a Master of the Universe//
Not a piece of ass, but if SheRa might ask "Who is her?!"
That Big Bang Theory, of How I Met Your Mother//
is an Unsolved Mystery that's been left uncovered//
Won't be believing your eyes with what's right there on the screen//
Definite edited rhetoric fed to kids, message is seen//
As harmless and informative, basically we're ignoring this//
Perfect Strangers to truth, has us speaking like we're foreigners//
Try to sum up life in 60 Minutes, what a nifty gimmick//
Thirty second sound bites sounds like a Risky Business//
Still screaming "Let's Make A Deal" hoping the Price Is Right//
Than Thank God It's Friday night as though we might find some light//
Planting roots on couch cushions, life passing us by//
Complacently comfortable trying to ration our time//
Over TV dinners, we wonder why we Hungry Man//
When things seem dimmer flip channels and then don't understand//
Media bias, what could lead to these riots//
Pushing buttons won't mute life but is leaving us silenced//
On some Charlie Chaplin shit, wishing things were black and white//
But Technicolor Dream coats provided some vast insight//
Special feature on the menu, click to see the making of//
TV Magic shows what we all know to be fake as fuck//
Yet we still buy in to time limited offers//
Fucked and hunched over proof we devolved in our posture//
Track Name: Stay Tuned Ft. Ichiban
(Mane Rok)
News flash, move back, taking center stage is//
Stay Tuned - outrageous! One of your favorites, favorites//
Mane is greatness personified, unplugged from the Matrix//
R Evolution in front of your eyes that makes kids ape shit//
Aint shit to flip the switch if it gets outta control//
Remote signal your soul that this is how it's gonna go//
On Demand, giving you proof that it's one helluva show//
L.ive I.n F.ull E.ffect, direct connect to talent in droves//
Spill out the edge of your seat, like you're heavily obese//
Steady increase volume to eleven, snap necks to dope beats//
Break them off a little something with out a commercial motive//
Atonement is owed if those with the dopest wrote shit approach this//
With focus, take a shot-Lights, Camera, Action!!
Under the lens they tend to crumble, like half of them rapping//
Unable to deal with temperatures caused by the spot light//
Play themselves because they suck - pause- you know that's not right//

Breaking news got them running wild
Stay Tuned, don't touch that dial
Don't Touch that dial
Touch it and you's a fool

Hot off the presses embedded in to the headline//
Broadcasting live till i’m off air in dead time//
To get the scoop everything comes at a price//
Anchorman pirate signals & seize satellites//
Gather around people coming in close//
You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows//
Manerok awhat Ichiban blessing the beat//
Stay Tuned got em clinging to the edge of their seat//
This banger cliffhanger rhyme hustle white knuckle//
Catch this atlas & both knees might buckle//
That’s why the camera’s kept within clutches//
News teams rushing to get the full coverage//
Impression, leave a mark like hand henna//
Stand center, get it thru the antenna//
Fast pace rat race new world out of order//
This just in let’s take it down to the reporter//