Columbine Courtesy

from by Stay Tuned

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"Serial mass murder, capital of the world." - Sole One

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We introduce you to, the Columbine Killer.

Who ever he is.


Natural born killer, call him American Psycho/
Courtesy that Columbine State-Colorado
‘Serial mass murder, capital of the world’ – (sole cut)

Eric, Dylan and James’ homes-where the bar’s set high//
Sigg sick, six-shooter, on your marks, set, Die//
A race to the death, yes, bet you finish first//
Cross that line and get left right in a hearse//
That’s if you’re lucky usually it’s fucking ugly//
Slaughter house splatters scattered make this grey matter touchy//
Media misleadin’ ya on who is held accountable//
Wolves pull the wool when gun control’s looked down on, fool

Dictated by a dollar news has to sell advertisements//
These pussies fuck up our perception with their sacks of lies, shit//
Don’t believe me? Jon Benet’s a model example//
Six year old, black girl raped and killed all of our channels//
Focus on the bluest lies, who decides the truest lies?
News disguised as fact? Huh-that’s a civil suicide//
You and I, victims to these fuckers in a suit and tie//
Who burn you at the stake, the moment that they’re scrutinized

News lying don’t matter much, no one gives half a fuck//
Never have, never will, mom & pops wasn’t a happy bunch//
Bullshit from the boobtube, destroyed-left with loose screws/
Black outs from beatings, pain painted with a blue bruise//
Blood, read headlines of chalk white artistry//
Hard to see humanity when it’s stretched to its farthest reach//
Clutch to what is known, strangled by hatred from the home//
Get a grip-hand in hand with God & Satan come along…


from Murder He Wrote: A Love Story, released April 20, 2013
Prod. By Hi Res



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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