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Like any person with passion, Juan was dedicated to his craft.
To his love.
His love for spilling blood.
To being the punishment for those who led others on in life.
Who really didn't love.

And this didn't change for years.

That dedication was only matched by that of Detective Garcia and Dr. P.A. Esther-the criminologist who also studied and worked on the case.
Justice would be found amongst the flower patches.


20 years later this monster's still on a killing spree//
When he doesn't feel love spills blood willingly//
Skillfully executed, professional predator//
Prey that your paths don't cross, watch where you're headed sir//
Shit is real in his neck of the woods get dismembered quick//
Arm, leg, leg, arm gone, aint left with dick//
Assed out, blade in, sliced from roota to that toota//
Gutted clean, cut the spleen, shotting's for these losers//
With no respect for that art form never felt heart warm//
Beating in the palm of their hands, don't know what God's On//
Judge and jury, what's your fucking hurry//
Forever's just a second away musn't worry//
We all get what we deserve, all this to leave the earth//
Better than we found it now find out if you gon be the first//
Hell bound, highway riding, pedal pushing 66//
Sickened kids slitting wrist it's just a bit ridiculous//
Proof of love that's tainted, societal estrangement//
Strangest thing is how these strangers see this picture painted//
Window - pain framed out, view inside is limited//
There's a method to his madness, saddened you aint getting it//
Understands he's over heads, love's between the lines//
Passion bubbling in his veins is what we demonize//
Misconstrued, Misguided makes for a messy menage-a-tois//
In the end, everything's fucked, time to call to God...

Crime scene frightening like lightning striking//
Twice right in the same spot, not surprising//
More so depressing addressing this pressing issue//
Never happens since we're focused on judgment and how to get you//
Capital punishment's funny, doesn't leave a subject to study//
Destroys evidence, but it can't be because of the money//
Math and logic's wrong, time to call the specialist//
Dr. P.A. Esther-Criminologist-heads the list


from Murder He Wrote: A Love Story, released April 20, 2013
Prod. By TimeLine



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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