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"Don't know..."

For any person, any thing, there is a reason right behind it.

This is a snap shot of what happened to Juan Dough.
As a young child, he was abused and when he wasn't locked up in a small shed out back, he was watching his father fight his mother with the passion he should've been fighting his addiction.

The only time the caged bird sung was when he escaped in to that small bit of nature behind the trailer park, where a creek outlined in purple and gold columbines provided the environment of which Juan would nurture his inner beast.

From killing insects, Juan found his first major crush in "her" while in Junior High. But she was like the rest of them. She didn't care.
So, he hurt her like she did him.
He slaughtered her pet guinea pig whom she'd had since her father passed away.
They were even.

As time passed, Juan knew only one thing.
Love was the worst four letter word in the alphabet.
...and for this, folks were killed


Don't know what I did to you, never asked to be here//
But somehow I'm the scape goat-your grasping at some sheep shears//
Intense intent to imprint events//
Life changing' mood alterin', defense depends//
On how watsed you are or how long you had me caged for//
Locked up, out back, noticed that I sang more//
If I was out passed the field flip side of the trailer park//
Playing God by the creek, decided to make my mark//
The samy way you scarred me, no sorry//
Realized you never really cared, not hardly//
Born alone, Die alone, that's the life that I've been on//
A lesson learned early as I watched you always fight my mom//
Beat her, then I was next up to bat//
Si sir, human pinatas react//
Animal instinct you have to let sin sink//
To the pit of your gut to understand what Hannibal did think

Take my love
Please Do
My Love
See you
My love
Need to...

Don't know what you did to me, never felt this way before//
Except as a young pup, turned out she was a major whore//
Fuckin' bitch, what the hell, I know we were only twelve//
Fell head over heels to kick myself all to no avail//
That's why I did I what did, chopped her guinea pig into bits//
Ripped its heart apart and fed all that shit to it's kids//
Closest anything could come to how I hurt deep inside//
She was so shallow was over it with in weeks when I//
Learned it's a cold game she reinforced it's frigidness//
Brutally bitter, who are we kidding it's ridiculous//
I see your the same I'm sick of taking chances//
Asked you to prom though I always hated these dances//
But no. You'd rather be seen with that douchebag//
This fool Chad, spoiled bitch whippin' a new Jag//
Well Miss, take a moment to see...My love...
Our relationships over indeed

Don't know how else to live it's as natural as breathing//
I took it as what seperates me from these heathens//
Because only a God could keep repeatedly beating//
Victims and a sickened system who believe he's a demon//
Jesus was a rebel, the devil was oddly similar//
Difference in the detail of who got the Godly signature//
Next to the X, lemme suggest you open your eyes//
Notice two sides of the same coin, hope's a disguise//
Nature's life and death revolved around a give and take//
These weeds need to be plucked, fuckers don't reciprocate//
A plague amongst plants not worth the dirt they're in//
The natural beauty of the Columbine needs little nurturing//
Don't you see that - Nature's so perfect//
But still can use a green thumb to assist along its purpose//
Full circle, ashes to ashes-my love-//
Understand the method to the madness I've caused//


from Murder He Wrote: A Love Story, released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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