Forever's Temporary

by Mane Rok

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Single released thru Mercury Sauce Recordings


released November 3, 2011

Lyrics: Mane Rok
Music: Matthew "Isolated Mind" Anderson, Nathan Reid

Vibes: Greg Tanner Harris
Bass: Casey Sidwell
Drums, Keys, Percussion, String Arrangement: Nathan Reid

Vocal Backs: Dorhan Cobb, Amanda Hawkins, Bianca Mikahn, Brandice Robinson, Sarah Catherine, Stero-Lion, Yonnas Abraham, Armando Geneyro

Produced by Nathan Reid
copyright 2011 Mercury Sauce, Inc.

Engineered by Jason Carncross
Recorded at Mercury Sauce, Denver, CO
Mixed at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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Track Name: Forever's Temporary
Intro (Round)

(Part 1)
Yesterday is gone, Today is on it's way//
It won't be very long, before we're all the same

(Part 2)
Tomorrow's never promised//
On Borrowed time, be honest

(Part 3)
Tomorrow's never promised that's why we live for today//
Search for truth that lies in our path, see all of our mistakes//

(Vrs 1)
With every sunrise, following night fall/
Consumed with sometimes, instead of what's right yall//
Leaves us with one eye, losing our sight-saw//
Even when dumb blind the truth of life calls//
We put it on hold in hopes to screen for better choices//
Looking back is 20/20, we see what's left is voices//
Telling us to come back, to times of being young bucks//
Till Then we can only accept what's become us//

If I only knew then what I know right now//
Forever's temporary can't slow life down//

(Vrs 2)
Full speed ahead through life's high's and low's//
Inhale every breath before my time to go//
It's the one's that are taken that define it though//
A fine line designed, I'm tryin' to ride it slow//
Down-notice roses holdin' guns ready for war//
Found at it's worst it's best is ahead of it's thorns//


8 bar bridge-Greg Harris

(Vrs 3)
From zero to sixty in the blink of an eye//
At the speed of life you never think you gon' die//
Invincible, it's all under control//
Over our heads this idea, "What of our souls?"//
Need to see, VIP, believe I'll be in the lead by me//
A constant reminder of the blinders aligned to//
The side of my head while I leave life's reach!