The Ugly Truth

by Mane Rok

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Production from Deca, Dyalekt (Diamond Boiz), Yonnas Abraham (The Pirate Signal), Ichiban, Xperiment (HUmble Beast), Maker (Glue/GreySkull/Galapagos 4), 800 The Jewell (Jewell Tyme Music,) Es Nine (Prime Element/En Stereo/House of Waxx) & Mr. Bostic (One Eyed Kingz)


released May 21, 2010



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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Track Name: Troubles
Some days its too much to bear
Wish I didnt fucking care
Everythings up in the air
Have to find a quick escape
Even though Im not in control
Watching all of it unfold
Rips the fabric of my soul
Dont know how much I can take
On the verge of losing it, just from my 9-5
CNN text, keep me vexed; that's just a sign of life
Or so it seems, to me compassion kills
Can coddle a culprits confusion of what in fact is real

Everything I've seen
The little bit I know
"The Troubles of the world"
Gotta let them go

Go away the fray from day to day melee
Can distract to the point of mayday mayday
Cant focus on folks and what the may say
4ward 2 make sure I take the whole 9
Keep in mind it wont add up all of the time
So to deal we do our best to play Harry Houdini
Hate having our cards pulled, buried in knee deep
Disappear split the instant it gets
Thicker than shit make a slit and quit
Take another sip a sniff or quick hit
Get your fix, doesnt mean it doesnt exist
Back to reality, stacking up casualties
Every where you turn in vast amounts, you're telling me
There's not a bigger picture you're just waiting for deep hell to freeze?
But who am I to judge when there's hell in me?

Track Name: Love Is Gone
What are we supposed to do/
After all that we've been thru/
When everything that felt so right is wrong/
Now that the love is gone/
There is nothing left to prove/
Now it's to deny this simple truth/
Can't find the reason to keep holding on/
Now that the love is gone/

Shit aint what it used to be, not since puberty/
Qweled any rhyme or reason, of what it is you do to me/
Truthfully, baffoonery of the baboons assumed to be/
Leaders of the pack, wack, in fact cluelessly/
Lead you astray-amazed-for days/
At what they say, OK, it's played/
Every single last little bit/
That you get from the internet/
When you click click clack clack this shit's mad wack, don't act innocent/
Guilty pleasures indulging in ignorance/
I understand, it aint love, it's all bliss/
Moments pass and tend to fade away-Melo/
The Game done changed, strange how we don't strive but try & live a lie and day to day settle/

What are we supposed to do/
(Tell me please)

After all that we've been thru/

When everything that felt so right is wrong/
(Is so wrong)

Now that the love is gone/
(Now that it's gone)

There is nothing left to prove/
(Nuh uh)

Now it's to deny this simple truth/
(Can't deny it anymore)

Can't find the reason to keep holding on/
(I mean why?)

Now that the love is gone/

(Nuh Uh)

(Vrs 2)
So what's it gonna be? That Same song, old tune?
Auto-matic response, but what you're supposed to/
Do's don't give in, when it's bad good riddance/
Move slow if it's a tad fast you'll miss it/
They say it's better to have loved and lost then never at all/
Every spring we grew more apart, remember the fall/
It happened so suddenly-Easy Come. Easy Go/
Foreplay to my foray, wasn't seeing some sleazy hoe/
At least that's what I thought, now I feel sold out/
How can I buy in to what you say, with no doubts?
Feels cheapened, deep inside you know I'm right/
Used to love H.E.R. but now it's like, I do hope she dies/


(Vrs 3)
Nothing left to salvage, tell me what's the purpose?
On the surface so perfect, now damaged what hurts is/
It was puppy love, got dogged by the broad/
Silly bitch really quick slips, trips and falls/
Head over heels instead of a real deal/
Got no vaseline left infected and ill/
Broke with hopes so low to keep afloat/
Sold her soul to so and so-sexual appeal/
Became priority ignoring the field/
Overy worried about being over the hill/
So many wounds that we're hoping will heal/
Still scarred, hard pressed to see, why you tolerate this garbage slowly rebuild/
What's been demolished, but to be honest/
There's no turning back while keep a clear concious/
Forgive not forget that keeping things real, revealed that it was really just a mere promise.


Beat Prod By Dyalekt of the Diamond Boiz
Track Name: Pair Of Dice
Produced by Deca

"C'mon believe in Jesus, what do you have to lose?
It's like the lotto, you can't get saved if you don't play"

Do you believe in God? You do, tell him to save you.

In search of forever we play religious roulette/
All bets are on the table on who will get us thru this/
Holding faith as fact is what leaves most fucked/
It's all a game of chance, but we won't budge/
Push our personal crusade, judge who's saved/
Crucify those who speak of a new age/
No one know's one answer but prophets (profits) never stop/
It's big business taking 10 percent, watch these heads on top/
Do what they've done since jump deny fruits of truth/
Nothing lost in translation, lies proved-review/
7th day he rested, let's replay this message/
Gave his only begotten son, to make an "exit"/
A loop hole if you will to keep his status infallible/
Frequent forgiveness justifies madness of half these fools/
Our fathers hail mary, original sin?/
Hope our so called Revelations, show when it all ends/

Heavens a pair of dice (paradise) that we shake up/
Scared to stare in the eyes of the snake must/
Throw down bucks to see where it takes us/
We gamble with faith in hopes to meet our maker/

On earth as it is in heaven

Our father in heaven, hollows thy name/
For your glory, non-believers wallow in pain/ (x4)

It's awful Imma make 'em, take in all what's wrong/
Murder in the name of God, most high, Allah/ (x2)


On earth as it is in heaven

(Vrs 2)
The war on terror translates to jihad/
Arguments on each side, "We do it for The God"/
Written on paper, for you to "put your trust in him"/
It's disgusting when innocents die, soldiers rushing in/
Guns blazing, wild western ways, women weep/
It's even in the Torah, we ignore the fact it's in those sheets/
Sheeps-lambs of God, slaughtered in his name/
Anti-crisis devices keep you from going insane/
Far from a new world order it's been in practice/
Active back when, to defend their actions/
Before packing double barrel apparel attacking/
With the sword of G-O-D this Neo-breeds tactics/
See no peace, their evil deeds are replicas of yester-year/
We continuously question who's next to fear/
Make a major wager on a savior place your bets on why it is that he said later and left us here/

"let me ask you this question, what if we right and you wrong? We, we gonna make it and you aint."

"If you're doing, if you're being good to just save your ass, just because 'Ohhh, they might be right and I just wanna double down here and make sure that when I get up to the pearly gates, that St Peter doesn't say to me, Oh sorry asshole you had the wrong religion enjoy hell, bye bye, that's not a good reason, and you know that"
Track Name: This One's
Blue and red flashing, initialy passion-smashing/
Masking a power complex that's ever lasting/
Self interest the only gain, they deem, to ever be worth it/
Civil servants whose purpose is not to make the world perfect at first it's/
Innocent in a sense, I know, something makes them crooked/
Bent out of shape, bend down to the apes and don't ever push it/ (because)
They're quick to pull heat, ask questions later/
Haters with tazers hit the big paydirt/
Promoted to major dick-tator, scales of justice crush us when they Buck! Buck! say they're/
Creeping at nite when you're on your way home/
Right off of I-25 passed Vallejo/
Fit the profile it could prove to be fatal/
Protect and serve? I guess if you say so/
Cruising down the block, tune it down a notch, know they're watching you/
Swooping down the hawks, move in now you're caught, guilt by concocted truth/
They see and the plot and choose their next victim/
Slip in their system you're screwed that's the intention/
Mention your freedom they lay down their martial law/
Those constitutional rights? I must've missed that clause

This one's for those like Mr. Rodney King/
Got beat by the cops each one of them walked/
Nightmarish american dreams/
This one's for those like Senor Frank Lobato/
No Joking around they broke in his house/
Killed him and act like it's not so/
This one's for those like Park Hill's Child Paul/
They blasted on sight smashing his rights/
While his mother watched him fall/
This one's for those like Amidou Diallo/
In their eyes being sodomizied was protocol/
That's something I can't swallow/
This one's for those like you and you and you/
We're talking about the boys in blue that are out to destroy you too

This one's for those
This one's for those
This One This One This One
This one's for those for those!!!
Track Name: The Ugly Truth
Truth is truth hurts and I'm the truth fools/
That's why you gotta a problem with this product of the true skool/
Came up on Tribe and Dre, but revered the golden age/
Knew that it was just like L.I.F.E., it would go and change/
From gangster to Islam to shit like Das Efx/
Now we got Soulja Boy, TELL ME who copped respect?
Not no flash in the pan, internet sensation/
Got me asking my man, "Is this innovation?"
Nope never not at all-just another market trend/
More business than music, what's your fucking argument/
Just like your verses you're at a loss for words/
Industrial revolution has got to occur/
No more being subject to powers that be/
CEO's need to go on top of radio towers and leap/
Swan dive, 'cause it's their swan song/
Musical integrity, long gone//

Its the truth, with a capital T
It's the truth, the way it happens to be/
It's the truth, so don't get mad at me/
when I give you the truth an no fantasy (x2)

Truth is, pretty offensive/
To those it pertains to, worried defensive/
You can see who that is by their reaction/
'Cause they're affected, despise all the facts when/
They're stacked against them chipping their shoulders/
We're all rough around the edges, tripping when told we're /
Not what we though, or who we are/
Live a waking life, confused as movie stars/
Realities cramped spaces, place and things/
Living minimal, chasing a dream/
Hope and mirrors, glitter and glitz cover it's cracks/
if you only seen how we suffer and lack/
There wouldnt be such a quick disregard/
For those exposed when shit gets real hard/
Any less of a person would fold to the pressure/
constantly judged when you open your chest up

Track Name: Imagine That
There’s demons in the closet, next to the skeletons/
Reaking of gossip, you wondered where the hell it went/
When you tried to sweep it all under the rug/
Didn’t disappear, difference here, nothing but love/
Lost a cost of crossing folks/
Watch this cause a lot of those/
With a guilty conscious to react/
Spitting filthy comments makes me laugh/

I can’t forget
I can’t see passed
That past you made
Imagine that (x4)

Been told to live in His image when it comes to forgiveness/
But I’m only human and done reached my limits/
Fool me once, that’s a shame you carry/
Three strikes later, shoulda named you Barry/
Bonds broken last nerve trampled what’s the next step/
If I turn a blind eye, trip-fall, head check/
Can’t let this pattern persist or I’m part of the problem
Best solutions to sum up when they’re starting and stop them/
Before shit multiples-you’re left like a democrat/
Liberal with love, sets you back bet that ass/
Deeper in the red, see how this makes me salty/
Like high tide, blood pressure sky rise-falling/
From grace under fire of course that’s how the bridge burned/
But turbulent waters below forced the outcome in turn/
Disaster unavoidable, relief just a myth/
Some see this as cold hearted, to me it just is/


So what do you want? For me to act like nothing happened?
You act like a punk, deserve a fucking back hand/
Hypocritical individual who don’t get it bro/
This is the effect of your action, now if your soul/
Swears up and down that you side with innocence/
It’ll take more than empty words to convince the kid/
Too many times I’ve turned cheek you’ve burned me/
Bit me in the ass at last this old dog’s learning/
The older you get the less people you can call friends/
When they punch their numbers in, equals when it all ends/
Some say that I’m hung up and I should let shit go/
No te preocupes con pendejos, dejelos/
Live and let live, better yet keep them out of sight/
After thoughts but homie, don’t even doubt I’ve tried/
Same mistake repeatedly classified as insanity/
Trying to get right left me just as bad it seems…
Track Name: Falling Down
Look up at heaven "WOW"
Look at hell now
Some where in between
Falling down

Look up at heaven "WOW"
Look at hell now
Some where in between I keep falling down
I keep I keep..

Far from perfect, no stranger to this/
But I know my faults, each wayward abyss/
Try to avoid pitfalls-escape from its grips/
Take the weight placed and make it a hit/
Some day some how some way I embrace my flaws what makes it hard/
I know I'll pray, I'll call on the grace of God when faced with odds/
Even then that's proof of more short comings/
How do you walk with head high when you're running/
From everything that you fight to deny?
Hiding in lies surprised prying eyes spy your disquise/
So crystal clear, in fits of fear/
Try to blur all truths with every sip of beer/
Make it dissappear so it don't interfere/
When I get up-stand up where I slipped up here/


Vrs 2
Its a trip so sick of this
Feeling inadequate ripped to bits/
'cause someone elses standards seem limitless/
Only human being righteous is a myth we get/
That sets us up for imminent failure/
Lost in thoughts put in to this savior/
Just an excuse for indifferent behaivor/
Can't be saved by intricate prayers/
Dust off ashes, rise from flames/
Hop back on the saddle, ride again/
Just to get knocked off over and over/
When the canal floods, hold your composure/
Thru revolving doors since original sin/
When we all need more, who's finna give in/
From the left to the right, in the middle of men/
Our problems core, simply begins....



"Pick it UP"
Track Name: Don't Know
Some day when we all look back/
On our path/
Will we cry or laugh?
Don't know what to tell you

First and foremost to MiBoy, my seedling/
My heart, my blood, my reason for breathing/
Lets get it straight, words can never express/
What you mean to me, buried there in my chest/
A treasure full of memories, pain and joy/
It's incredible, eventually Mane's little boy/
Is growing to a man right before my eyes/
No longer "mini-me" that's a foreign disguise/
Sorry life wasn't a bucket of dozen roses/
More like adorned with thorns, bud I know this/
Dirt poor? Not quite, but we seemed to play in it/
Sure you're affected look at how much stronger it made you kid/
Brilliant, witty, a good looking gentleman/
Well mannered like his pops, a leader who will lend a hand/
No question, truth is, you're better than I've ever been/
One thing I got right hope you pass that to your next of kin/

(Chorus x2)

No me olvide, ustedes-familia/
Mis padres y hermanos, tambien mi amorcita/
Apa, Ama, por todo que hicieron/
Lo siento que no era perfecto como dijieron/
Cindy's responsible with your work ethic/
Jon Jose is all heart, passion perfected/
Me, it seems, mistakes and missteps/
To learn from each one has always been my intent/
Dreamt of angel kisses even when I acted devilish/
Low and behold, she swooped down and set her lips/
On mine, what a blessing, she calls it fate/
Told me I just had to believe, no need to contemplate/
Brought light to this man, sometimes I still get lost/
but back on track, that moment I feel it's cost/
Time is money, not trying to waste anymore/
Needed yall to see this place where plentys stored (I love yall)

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: California Dreaming Ft. Es Nine
"California Dreaming"

With Co on my heart, LA on my mind

Did all i could here, covered by the papers/
On the cover of papers, no wonder there's haters/
Saying I don't deserve my spot or my props/
Locked in Colorado cubicles, boxed in a box/
Bored as hell, nothing to do, scrolling Q's blog/
Reminded everytime why I gotta stroll and move on/
There's so much more passed these here hills/
That's why we ignore cats we don't feel/
But they don't get it, continue to text us on tour/
Getting love in the south west, excess encores/
A new breath of fresh air, it's clear/
To so much to get here, been there/
Done that, over it are we understood?
I'm trying to move forward in order to see other hoods/
Zip codes 'cause sick flows con ritmo/
Si se que no entiendes, algo you don't get bro/

California dreaming of the beaches and the bitches/
Hollywood hills, Cali Kill
What is this?
Foresaking this place we call home?
I just feel it's the box I've out grown

Of course home is where the heart is, the hardest part is the market/
Aint built for entertainment purposes/
The purpose is, white white collar services/
Sure it is, from "Shot callers" merking kids/
To the bottom of the barrel in peril dineros scarce so/
We fight for crumbs, brother be careful/
The hand you're biting makes sure everybody eats/
At least tries to, homie you've been lied to/
It aint what you think, not what you thought/
That's why we gotta go and rock a new spot/
So sick of men we're sicker than bickering/
Burning bridges can't understand why we're pissed at them/


Now that I have
Reexamined my plan and my fam and the famine infecting us all/
I understand my urge to beckon her call/
Cruise to the coast, move with the hopes of success/
Subject to suspect bullshit hate/
Same rules still apply if you don't pull your weight/
So check your grind or get left behind/
Can't press rewind everytime any kind of static infects your mind/
Brush it off, clear your head-K.I.M.
Most definitely proud just to say I am/
A product of Swansea, Westwood, Park Hill/
That nutty block, Cap Hill, Can't forget garfield/
Beyond boundaries of Sheridan & Quebec/
52nd and Hampden won't ever forget/
House parties, fights, shows, brushed with law/
Instances that influenced how I'm busting for yall/
Direct from my heart that's shaped like a box/
The place that made me will be the place I rot!

COLORADO reality, MyBoi-Micah/
My life, my crew, been thru the Fire/
My queen, my fam is all right here/
And proves everything is more than alright here!!!!
Track Name: Mama Said Ft Zome
Mama said there'd be days like this
Type of shit, makes me wanna raise my fist (ugh)(x2)
Mama Said there'd be (x2)
Mama Mama Mama Mama

With out a doubt just one of those days
Boss is tripping stuck running a maze
Meant really, is this what my life's become?
Internet arguments 'cause what some fool writes is dumb
SMH-a million deaths from a natural disaster?!
Thats so yesterday, we're back to cash flow of rappers
Society makes me wanna pull my hair out
Get home, holler at the homies see if they're around
Like Zome says "Look bro, whats that on your shoulder?
You're too serious..." something I have to get over
But hold up, I'm king of the cut loose,
How you think I know the best to bring it on the 1, 2's?
Throw shows with those hoes that make you wish the nite was slow-mo
Dont know? Now ya know if ya
At a loss and aint convinced
Trust that the truth will make ya raise ya fist (cmon)


Something like Black gloves in Mexico
Sometimes might have to just let it go (x3)

Cuts-"Get your damn hands up"