Murder He Wrote: A Love Story

by Stay Tuned

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released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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Track Name: Columbine Courtesy
Natural born killer, call him American Psycho/
Courtesy that Columbine State-Colorado
‘Serial mass murder, capital of the world’ – (sole cut)

Eric, Dylan and James’ homes-where the bar’s set high//
Sigg sick, six-shooter, on your marks, set, Die//
A race to the death, yes, bet you finish first//
Cross that line and get left right in a hearse//
That’s if you’re lucky usually it’s fucking ugly//
Slaughter house splatters scattered make this grey matter touchy//
Media misleadin’ ya on who is held accountable//
Wolves pull the wool when gun control’s looked down on, fool

Dictated by a dollar news has to sell advertisements//
These pussies fuck up our perception with their sacks of lies, shit//
Don’t believe me? Jon Benet’s a model example//
Six year old, black girl raped and killed all of our channels//
Focus on the bluest lies, who decides the truest lies?
News disguised as fact? Huh-that’s a civil suicide//
You and I, victims to these fuckers in a suit and tie//
Who burn you at the stake, the moment that they’re scrutinized

News lying don’t matter much, no one gives half a fuck//
Never have, never will, mom & pops wasn’t a happy bunch//
Bullshit from the boobtube, destroyed-left with loose screws/
Black outs from beatings, pain painted with a blue bruise//
Blood, read headlines of chalk white artistry//
Hard to see humanity when it’s stretched to its farthest reach//
Clutch to what is known, strangled by hatred from the home//
Get a grip-hand in hand with God & Satan come along…
Track Name: My Love
Don't know what I did to you, never asked to be here//
But somehow I'm the scape goat-your grasping at some sheep shears//
Intense intent to imprint events//
Life changing' mood alterin', defense depends//
On how watsed you are or how long you had me caged for//
Locked up, out back, noticed that I sang more//
If I was out passed the field flip side of the trailer park//
Playing God by the creek, decided to make my mark//
The samy way you scarred me, no sorry//
Realized you never really cared, not hardly//
Born alone, Die alone, that's the life that I've been on//
A lesson learned early as I watched you always fight my mom//
Beat her, then I was next up to bat//
Si sir, human pinatas react//
Animal instinct you have to let sin sink//
To the pit of your gut to understand what Hannibal did think

Take my love
Please Do
My Love
See you
My love
Need to...

Don't know what you did to me, never felt this way before//
Except as a young pup, turned out she was a major whore//
Fuckin' bitch, what the hell, I know we were only twelve//
Fell head over heels to kick myself all to no avail//
That's why I did I what did, chopped her guinea pig into bits//
Ripped its heart apart and fed all that shit to it's kids//
Closest anything could come to how I hurt deep inside//
She was so shallow was over it with in weeks when I//
Learned it's a cold game she reinforced it's frigidness//
Brutally bitter, who are we kidding it's ridiculous//
I see your the same I'm sick of taking chances//
Asked you to prom though I always hated these dances//
But no. You'd rather be seen with that douchebag//
This fool Chad, spoiled bitch whippin' a new Jag//
Well Miss, take a moment to see...My love...
Our relationships over indeed

Don't know how else to live it's as natural as breathing//
I took it as what seperates me from these heathens//
Because only a God could keep repeatedly beating//
Victims and a sickened system who believe he's a demon//
Jesus was a rebel, the devil was oddly similar//
Difference in the detail of who got the Godly signature//
Next to the X, lemme suggest you open your eyes//
Notice two sides of the same coin, hope's a disguise//
Nature's life and death revolved around a give and take//
These weeds need to be plucked, fuckers don't reciprocate//
A plague amongst plants not worth the dirt they're in//
The natural beauty of the Columbine needs little nurturing//
Don't you see that - Nature's so perfect//
But still can use a green thumb to assist along its purpose//
Full circle, ashes to ashes-my love-//
Understand the method to the madness I've caused//
Track Name: Dedication
20 years later this monster's still on a killing spree//
When he doesn't feel love spills blood willingly//
Skillfully executed, professional predator//
Prey that your paths don't cross, watch where you're headed sir//
Shit is real in his neck of the woods get dismembered quick//
Arm, leg, leg, arm gone, aint left with dick//
Assed out, blade in, sliced from roota to that toota//
Gutted clean, cut the spleen, shotting's for these losers//
With no respect for that art form never felt heart warm//
Beating in the palm of their hands, don't know what God's On//
Judge and jury, what's your fucking hurry//
Forever's just a second away musn't worry//
We all get what we deserve, all this to leave the earth//
Better than we found it now find out if you gon be the first//
Hell bound, highway riding, pedal pushing 66//
Sickened kids slitting wrist it's just a bit ridiculous//
Proof of love that's tainted, societal estrangement//
Strangest thing is how these strangers see this picture painted//
Window - pain framed out, view inside is limited//
There's a method to his madness, saddened you aint getting it//
Understands he's over heads, love's between the lines//
Passion bubbling in his veins is what we demonize//
Misconstrued, Misguided makes for a messy menage-a-tois//
In the end, everything's fucked, time to call to God...

Crime scene frightening like lightning striking//
Twice right in the same spot, not surprising//
More so depressing addressing this pressing issue//
Never happens since we're focused on judgment and how to get you//
Capital punishment's funny, doesn't leave a subject to study//
Destroys evidence, but it can't be because of the money//
Math and logic's wrong, time to call the specialist//
Dr. P.A. Esther-Criminologist-heads the list
Track Name: Devils in the Details
Regardless how desensitized I pretend that I've gotten//
I get sickened seeing these victims lying there rotting//
Makes me gag a bit I've learned to hang with it//
Except that time we found a duffle bag with bits//
And pieces of a female missing for four months//
From Florida under the flowers in back of a store front//
Maggots and worms covered the canvas we wondered what happens//
no one ever notices columbines growing like magic//
Took the owner into custody lawyer cussing me out//
He was freed because he proved that he wasn't around//
Was on a six month sabbatical sailing to South America//
Left the landlord a letter he's headed ta help an area//
famished and forgotten so he was no longer suspect//
3 months later we make an arrest of yet//
Nother innocent citizen this isn't coincidence//
There has to be a pattern were missin in this instance//
Trying to understand what we're overlooking its right there//
Under our noses the fragrance pushed thru the night air//
Run around hopeless makes me pull out all my hair//
Like a chicken with his head cut off foolishly I stare//
Right passed the petals didn't stop and notice details//
Like that ol devil the doctor exposed when we failed//

It wasn't that you failed, you just needed a different point of view//
I've studied the crime scene - finding when you join a few//
Of the pictures you get a bigger and better understanding//
That there's a pattern of purple petals that your passing//
By with no regards but no can really blame you//
Harsh environment can make it hard to have these break throughs//

Devils in the details we have faith that we can find them//
Searching for truth we find Satan sleeps where life ends//
Track Name: Ready
Smashing the door in flash him the warrant//
Put your fucking hands up in fact have 'em soaring//
Sky high nice try couldn't hide forever//
Even snakes leave trails detailed I remember//
Your first kill I was first on the scene//
Young and dumb but that ignorance is obsolete//
Some what numb now from the shit I got to see//
Presently a gift and a curse-possibly//
Could be wrong but feel it in my bones//
Every single women slaughtered was not alone//
Your calling card wasn't noticed for years until//
Dr Esther set her ear to the ground//
Bloody Petals were pushed and revealed the homage//
You paid to your predecessors, thought it was nonsense//
Coincidence that a predators conscience//
Left Colorado wild life as death in the context//
Of a Colorado wild life suffered its complex//
Lost Soul searching thru lies just be honest//
Seeking' a piece of peace, least of what's promised//
Instead left a mess that'd make a less man vomit//
Sickening envisioning you living in imprisonment//
Given men have given in this isn't when we slip again//
Yes sir surrender time to give it up//
Your completely surrounded found him get the cuffs//

This is that exact moment I've been waiting for//
Listen Dick the sickest shit is seeing how ridiculous//
Kids'll get when media leaves em twisted like some licorice//
The instant it's in their interest it hits debate room floors//
Dirt Swept under rugs hands washed blood down the drain//
Took you how many years now tell me what you found again//
There's hundreds more like me beaten and neglected//
Waiting for their turn to burn the person certainly expected//
To love & nurture them protect and serve their kin//
Reality reveals a more explosive burning end//
Track Name: Your God
Headline reads "Columbine killers last kill"//
Caption on the picture left readers at a stand still//
"Avoided capture destroying half a city block"//
Devil in the details was it included fifty cops//
Swat team, neighbors quite a few families//
Black ink blood red makes it so you can not read//
Any more but furious folks just can't turn away//
So the AP presses on making writers Earn their pay//
Interviews with survivors found in the vicinity//
To first responders who've tried ta drown their own miseries//
In a bottles bottom it seriously boggles noggins//
You wanna remember people and leave Evil all forgotten//
Can't have light without dark forever their fused together//
Its in white & black contrast feels better In tuned for measures//
Pleasure pain part of the brain what else can it be//
loves thin line crossed what you call insanity//

Head up staring off left feeling Fairly odd//
Down to your last bit of faith thinking where's your God//
Feeling guilt built in that's a line you wouldn't dare to cross//
Either way seems we can't win when we bear a loss//

This was her bible the story of her savior//
Someone who understood her pain was core to her behavior//
That rage bubbling troubled men local government//
Would have her locked in a cage - like when he was younger and//
Pump her with prescriptions so she kept it hidden//
Her hideous insidious mission to bid Good riddence//
To those that never cared enough how could they dare to bluff//
Never asked to be born to a home that din't share its love//
hellish hand to be dealt shed be damned if she fell//
Victim to another abusive man straight from hell//
A romance on the rocks straight up shots to the face//
Over the bridge by 13 left a monster in place//
Where once stood a little girl heart hardened by hatred//
The trait started as part of a marred, scarred up relation//
Cuts and bruises healed but left a sore spot deep inside//
The monster returned to burn the bridge she seemed to leave behind//