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That moment.
Your hearts beating.
The adrenalin is rushing out your pores.

Your at the gates of hell-which happen to be an address in Englewood, Colo.
You smell the death. It stinks of sulfur.
And you sense the suffering.
It's time. Are you ready?

He is.

He's been waiting. He knew you'd make it, that you'd find him eventually.
Because all good things come to an end.
But this ending, is one that he scripted.
No ghost writers.
This has been his story, and he will finish it on his own terms.
Going out with a bang.


Smashing the door in flash him the warrant//
Put your fucking hands up in fact have 'em soaring//
Sky high nice try couldn't hide forever//
Even snakes leave trails detailed I remember//
Your first kill I was first on the scene//
Young and dumb but that ignorance is obsolete//
Some what numb now from the shit I got to see//
Presently a gift and a curse-possibly//
Could be wrong but feel it in my bones//
Every single women slaughtered was not alone//
Your calling card wasn't noticed for years until//
Dr Esther set her ear to the ground//
Bloody Petals were pushed and revealed the homage//
You paid to your predecessors, thought it was nonsense//
Coincidence that a predators conscience//
Left Colorado wild life as death in the context//
Of a Colorado wild life suffered its complex//
Lost Soul searching thru lies just be honest//
Seeking' a piece of peace, least of what's promised//
Instead left a mess that'd make a less man vomit//
Sickening envisioning you living in imprisonment//
Given men have given in this isn't when we slip again//
Yes sir surrender time to give it up//
Your completely surrounded found him get the cuffs//

This is that exact moment I've been waiting for//
Listen Dick the sickest shit is seeing how ridiculous//
Kids'll get when media leaves em twisted like some licorice//
The instant it's in their interest it hits debate room floors//
Dirt Swept under rugs hands washed blood down the drain//
Took you how many years now tell me what you found again//
There's hundreds more like me beaten and neglected//
Waiting for their turn to burn the person certainly expected//
To love & nurture them protect and serve their kin//
Reality reveals a more explosive burning end//


from Murder He Wrote: A Love Story, released April 20, 2013
Prod. By TimeLine



all rights reserved


Mane Rok Denver, Colorado

Many lesson's have been learned along the path of creation...the most important...don't stop creating.

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